Electrical panel

What would you say about this?
how do I know what amp it is ?
by the incoming service,
it should say on the panel right?

thanks for your input:D

I don’t see a mains disconnect. Any more pics?

There are also burnt neutrals on the upper right hand bus.

Why didn’t you take a picture of the mains section of that Federal Pioneer panel?

Hi to all,

Looks like a double tap 3rd from bottom on right hand bus, I am guessing that there’s a main at the top of the panel out of frame, but I, never seen that kind of layout with the Neutral buss crossing the Hot busses.

I agree with Mike about the neutral conections



the main section looked ok, that is why there is not a pic here.

Yes, your right there is a double tap, good eye.
yup got those ( neutrals)

Seeing picture you can put a 200 amp panel on a 100 amp service .
Yes it usually Say’s what size the panel is good for ,but that does not say that is the size of the service .
service size is controlled by size incoming feed ,and disconnect/Breaker Smallest link in the chain is the deciding factor.
Did one that had Breaker meter on pole and every thing in the house was two hundred amp and the agent got upset with me till I showed it was only a 35amp service.
I think it had been on the pole for about 60 years~

Uh, yeah, but you’re asking what size to call this service, and the mains section is one place for a good clue.