Please Welcome New (Lady!) NACHI Inspector!

**My Life Partner and Inspection Partner, Jeanne Considine, has been playing around while I’ve been gone this week . . .:roll: **

Yep, playing around on the computer, finishing up her studies after nearly a year of working with me . . .:cool:

And passing the NACHI Exam! Welcome aboard, Jeanne, and huge congratulations!!!:smiley:

Jeanne M. Considine NACHI07122907 Spirit Lake, ID (208) 660-8877 E-Mail | Web


:smiley: :smiley:
It’s still 6AM there in Idaho While I’m here in 9AM GA . . .
Looks like Jeanne will be learning how to sign on to the Message Board this afternoon, when she gets to her computer!!!

as Dominic would say, hehehe!!!

Welcome aboard Jeanne!!!

WOW! all I can say is Great Char, my wife has been doing inspections with me for many years and it sure works out great for us .
Jeanne ,Please do not hesitate to comunicate with Char she would love to talk if you have any questions to ask a lady ( ) .
Ladies do see things different then men and many ladies are purchasing homes and they some times like to ask questions they might not ask a man. Char also gets to explain what I mean not what I say.
All the best and welcome to our great domain.
…Cookie ( Roy Cooke )

Welcome aboard Jeanne from the beautiful hill country of Texas.

Hey, Russell and Jeanne, that’s great! Teamwork makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? Two of my older children help me out part-time, and I really enjoy it, and benefit from it. I predict that with Russell’s good attitude and motivation as a start, Jeanne will be another great inspector.

Welcome! Remember, Russ, 6 eyes are better than only your four. :mrgreen:

Jeanne, it’s about time girl! Congratulations. Now Russ has someone certified to go on the roofs and do crawls. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

“Oh, no!” Another woman working in a man’s world. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What are we coming to? :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Congratulations Jeanne! Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard Jeanne, My wife Patty has been working with me now for 4 years. It is really nice to have the extra eyes. And it is a extra bonus to, the Realtors really like the husband and wife team concept. And it also helps make the single female buyers feel a lot more comfortable. Also Patty helps keep me on track and on schedule. :shock:

Jeanne welcome aboard you will be a great asset to the home inspection industry, I wish you the best of luck.

Your fellow southern Idahoan,

Troy Farmer
Southern Idaho Chapter President
Presidential Inspections LLC

Congratulation Jeanne and welcome! I would liked to have met you Russ while you’re in Atlanta. Oh well, you licked out.

So that’s what those darn women are good for, huh? :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Welcome Jeanne! What are you going to name **your **business?:stuck_out_tongue:

Those of us who have been blessed with great partners are happy for you both.:smiley:

Ahh, yes, but as Dominic would also say, I heard she got a 98% and kicked the pants off of your score, hehehe!!!

Congratulations Jeanne!!

Welcome aboard.

Wow…Congratulations Jeanne, it is a great accomplishment…!!..:smiley:

Hope Russ makes it home alright, watching the weather channel it does not look good in Idaho…:shock:


That’s really great to hear. Now two of you on the loose up there in the north country.

I know she’s been your partner for years in most all way’s but now this will give her another reason to want to kill ya.

I know it’s special when the two of you can be together and share in most everything you do and still enjoy being together.

You two obviously have this bond and now it will grow even more. (until she kills you) lol

Welcome aboard Jeanne, and I/We all hope to read more from you and your observations and points of view here on the boards.

My best to you both, Joe

All of you who have your life partner as your inspection partner are blessed.

Good luck, Jeanne!