Plumber code noncompliance

My Condo Association and Management Co. hired a plumber company to do work in my home. The Condo Association has now found that the Plumber was not in compliance with 5 Chicago Plumber Codes and Energy Codes. The job started in March on 2017 and been completed and the plumber has in paid in full. What are my rights as on owner who has had fraudulent and negligence repairs in my home

  1. Code #18-29-607.2.1.1 Piping Installation.
  2. Code#18-29-308 Piping Support
  3. Code#18-13-403.4 Circulating hot water systems
  4. Code#18-29-702.1 Above ground drainage and vent pipe
  5. Code#18-29-604.4 Maximum flow rates for p,umbering fixtures

and You thought a home inspection message board could help You with this ?

Jim, I guess she thought it would be easier than trying to contact the Chicago Building Department. :slight_smile:

Call an Attorney!