Plumbers Repair

I got a call from a lady a couple days ago and told me that the plumber repaired a sewer leak she had. But now it seems to be leaking again. The plumbers used the duct tape.

What do you think!!

Pretty sad work!

It appears that an expanding plug (yellow plastic seen through the tape)was used previously. These are not always water tight in the longterm, especially in an old cast iron waste pipe with corrosion at the flange. The tape was used to try to quickly stop probably what was a small leak.

The plug should have been removed, the flange cleaned of rust and and a plumber’s sealant plus the plug re-installed.

Who did that repair Red Green! Surpised it wasn’t covered with silicon…that is a plumbers best friend. Whatever happened to melting lead in the sanitary with a cast cleanout and cover…or is that not allowed anymore?
Have to agree with Brian on this one other than to replace the stack would solve it!

Great pic though!

I thought Duct Tape fixed everything???

If the guy was a licensed plumber, I’d be shocked.

More Tape needed. :smiley:

Red Green Certified!!!

Maybe it was a home inspector who did the repair for free?:smiley:

Nice touch David. :smiley: