how would you report this?

Did an inspection on a home on Oct. 29 , found some defects and dripping water from the main waste drain , wrote it up , the home owner said they would get a licenced plumber to repair the leak. My client asked me to return and check the repair . This is what I found. It appears to be silicone caulking.
how would you report this to your client?





It was most likely repaired in the manner it was as a cost factor. It is now upto the purchaser to decide if that repair is suitable to his liking.

As to the other repair of the main line, that in my opinion is a proper repair short of replacing the sections of cast iron.

Raymond : That is almost word for word that I put in my follow-up report.
I quess I’m not as stupid as I thought I was.:mrgreen:

Thats why you need to bounce these things off stupid people like me! :mrgreen:


Once again showing great minds think a like and XXXLS seldom differ.
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I would simply report it as: “not repaired.”:smiley:

This is why I always tell my clients that letting the vendor undertake the repairs could result in improper repairs and/or concealing what they have undertaken to repair. It may be better for the purchaser to undertake the repairs because he has contol over the situation.

A client asked me the other day if I would return and inspect what the vendor promised to repair. I told him that I would not do that unless I was present during the repairs, otherwise I don’t know what has been repaired or concealed either. In my case the house had mould, foundation problems, and other structural concerns. My client did not purchase the house, and I am glad he didn’t.

“Improper use of silicone”?

I would state the attempted repairs are considered temporary patches, a licensed plumber should make the necessary repairs consistent with current plumbing standards, and also recommend replacing the old cast iron pipe with new ABS waste pipe to eliminate concerns of this nature in the future.

Looks like the owner told the plumber he had $50-$60 bucks for the repairs!!!

I would include “the cast iron could fail any day, and budget accordingly for future replacement”

Some insurers will not issue insurance on homes with cast iron.

Hey Christopher, I see you live in Alton IL. I live in Alton, Ontario. :slight_smile:

The silicone WILL fail and within months.

Silicone on cast IRON is not a good mix. The cast Iron in the picture is rusty and unless they cleaned the cast IRON down to pours its never going to hold.

Without getting into the adhesive qualities of silicone this is whats going to happen.

The cast Iron will continue to rust (corrode) it will create a weak surface area where the silicone is attached and then its going to lift completely off and then it will LEAK LEAK LEAK.

“This repair will fail and should be corrected by a professional Licensed Plumber”


This is how I would state it,too, except for the ABS part…we use PVC up here. We, typically, only see ABS in maufactured type homes. :wink:

Ditto. Would list it as a temp repair at best. Improper mix of materials, repair inconsistent with industry standards. (plus it looks like Fido’s behind)

Hey Raymond and we’re closer than I thought, 760 miles apart,12.5 hours driving time.:slight_smile: Alton, IL. is an old industrial town that sits at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. It was developed as a river town in 1818 by Rufus Easton and named after one of his sons. With a lot of huge Victorian Queen Anne style homes built in the 1800’s. Home of Elijah P. Lovejoy a printer that was murdered by a mob of pro slavery over free press, the Underground Railroad to help free slaves, the 7th Lincoln-Douglas debate, Worlds tallest man that ever lived Robert Wadlow, James Earl Ray who assassinated Martin Lutherr King. Once known for gangsters and bootleggers, now just a lot of crooked lawyers. One of the most haunted towns in the U.S. Once had a population of about 48,000 in the 60’s now around 30,000. after many factories have closed. Owens Glass was the largest glass container plant in the world, now completely gone, a large box-board plant and a steel mill, gone. Now we have a gambling boat and tourist :roll: , American dream. But a beautiful River Road with huge bluffs that’s now a National Scenic Byway.

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Here is a synopsis of Alton.

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Cool, looks like are towns have of lot in common. River, industrial and dams. We have a huge one of those too. :cool: