plumbers should be proud

very nice, from yesterdays inspection

I love to see installs by very anal (or OCD) plumbers and electricians.

So, what cold supply run is missing/damaged at the bottom right?

Sometimes manifolds have more spigots than house has plumbing, see that frequently.

My concern are all those elbows, each one has two potential failure points, what’s wrong with just curving the PEX in, or mounting the manifolds horizontally? That’s what I mostly see plumbers doing.

Agree, but… that “spigot” has something threaded onto it. What was it, and why is it now missing?

dont know

I agree

Maniblocks were the last ditch effort on Polybutylene piping systems here in AZ. This system looks like an early PEX piping system to me, probably early 90’s.

I hardly see these any more.

Nice Mark