Plumbing inspection

In my inspection I found this toilet to be loose. I could also smell sewer gas. This is a result of loose flange bolts. I recommend further evaluation by a qualified plumber.

You already evaluated it …Recommend repair by a qualified plumber…

Be careful about recommending ‘further evaluation’, that’s what your being hired for. If every thing that you see requires further evaluation you haven’t really helped your client just confused them. If the toilet is loose it needs to be repaired by a qualified person…

Exactly " toilet is loose it needs to be repaired by a qualified person " I agree

I’ve never once smelled sewer gas from a loose toilet. Of course, I’ve never got down on my hands and knees around a toilet base leading with my schnoz.

If there was a sewer gas smell, then maybe that’s why further evaluation was/is recommended.

Here is the narrative, " Bathroom “x” toilet was not securely fastened to the floor. Inspector observed the smell of sewer gas at the time of inspection which can pose a health hazard. Recommend a licensed plumber evaluate and repair. "