I made a toilet leak... or not

I inspected a home last week which was owned by someone I know.
I did the inspection as any other. Ok here is what happened.
I told the owner/person I know that the toilet was very loose in the master bath. He looked confused so I showed him. I said to him " If this toilet isnt leaking now is going to and needs to be fixed immediately"
He even asked if tightening will fix it and I told him possibly but it would be best to pull it and replace the wax ring. he said “oh no problem Ill fix it”
Today I ran into him and he told me that later that day he flushed the toilet.
And he notice water coming out of a light fixture below!!
He said that because I yanked it back and forth that I caused the leak and I should only barely wiggle a toilet to check for looseness.
The thing is I did move it but it was so loose it didnt take any effort.
So technically I did cause the leak but it was coming sooner or later.
I offered to pay for the repairs and he said he took care of it and he doesn’t want me to pay. Great but because I know this guy and he is a know it all type Im sure he will not be saying good things about me.
Well the client was happy with me at least lol

You don’t need to move it around to tell if it’s loose. Moving it around can/will cause them to leak. Your goal is to help your clients avoid this kind of repair cost.

Chuck Agree and normally i just wiggle or shake them a little . When i say loose in this case I mean I dont think the bolts were ever tightened and it was a ticking time bomb. any movement would o it …and of course any meant .ME lol.
I did learn a lesson though and I’ll be much more careful in the future.

I don’t care if you pick it up off the floor!

DO NOT PAY when **** fails during testing.

So in spite of what you told him, he kept using the damn thing?
That one is on him, not you.

Don’t start a frigging trend…
Lawyers will love it.