Plumbing vent capped - Questions

Ok I need a second opinion here. The vent is capped off and is in close proximity of a window. This is over a garage with a bathroom and laundry room in close proximity. Attic over garage is inaccessible so pipe could not be traced. Any thoughts?



Here is a clearer photo of the capped vent.


Someone got sick of the poo smell.
It could also be a capped off vent for a future bathroom in the basement.

There is no basement. Slab foundation. Home was vacant and water was off. House was built in 2004. My thoughts are another inspector cited it in the past and instead of relocating it, someone just capped it off.

I should have read the Myrtle Beach tag. Forgot that basements are scarce down there.

They may have cut it off and went w studor vent if the local building dept tagged them for illegal vent stack

Hard to see from that photo, but it could be the cap from new construction. They have to pressurize the DWV system with air and cap the vent stacks for that test.


most likely the smell was effecting the bedroom you took the photo from, they should have extended above the roof line of the room you were in but that would look tacky, so they capped it. I would be willing to bet a toilet or fixture is running sluggish if it is live. It also could have been capped from a previous test and they forgot it was up there.