Plumbing vent in attic

Greetings, This is the first time I have seen open plumbing vents in attic and btw no roof exhaust vents either :wink: It was constructed 2014.

My training tells me this would not be ok because of moisture, odors, unhealthy gas etc not to mention ability for insulation and mice to go down.

It is in Missouri, which I think they may allow AAVs on a limited basis but I don’t see how this is ok at all.

I am also confused about the two big pipes in the background in the inaccessible area of the attic.

Please help. Thanks!!!

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Wrong all vent’s must go to the out side .
Good catch make sure you write this up so you do not have to pay for the fix in the future.
I have seen where an open vent has caused the roof sheathing to decay.
WE have it colder then you and the roof was wet in the cooler weather .

Is there Gable vents and soffit vents If not yes they need to fix attic ventilation .

I also think they need more Attic insulation

Thanks Roy.

What do you think the two larger PVC at angles are? More vent stacks, and if so, why at angles?

They do have one small gable vent and a bunch of soffit vents on the hip portions but no “turtle vents” or other roof exhaust. I was going to put the plumbing vent issue on the RED but recommend increase in roof ventilation on the non MAJOR to prevent rafter bowing in the future.

Regarding insulation, it is 6" average.

Two PVC pipes on angle No idea why please have a plumber Check them and repair them if needed .

Yep wrong , must go to the outside

Yuppers total fail!! Great catch :slight_smile:

Must have ran out of pipe that day. That tee fitting was even primed on top. Just plain wrong, and have never seen that before.

the house gets quickly put under roof during construction, then plumbers plumb up to the attic and have final connection point all prepped and primed for that last pipe to attach and extend through the roof, but communication fails between roofer and plumber and there it sits.
the other pipes are probably vents too, its very common to have multiple vents enter the attic and converge into one stack through the roof, or have multiple stacks through the roof, depending on how far apart they are from each other and which is more feasible.

if there are soffit vents then there should be baffles to keep blown insulation from clogging the eves, no baffles visible in pictures

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Yeah, those pipes sitting there at an angle may possibly not be attached to anything at all. Did you try to move them?

They are all probably vents, what has happened is the plumbers ran the vents to the attic after the sheathing was on, which is normal. Then along came the roofers who should have cut holes in the sheathing, put on boots, flashing, what have you, then shingle the roof…Bet you can guess what the roofers forgot to do! :shock: I have seen this before.

and i just saw it done yesterday and thought I was the 1st too see it done.

Please translate your message thanks … Roy

Here is an unvented vent .