point of moisture intrusion?

Is daylight seen at the gable end a potential point for moisture intrusion? How would you report on it?
My first thought is that its not to big of a deal being protected by eaves and the fact that it is on a vertical wall, but at second thought should I just report as a repair to be safe.

Looks like it is close to the cornish return.

Although rain infiltration might not be the primary problem, it is possible at one time to get damage from rain forced winds.

The other possibility is insect and rodent entry to the attic.

I would recommend repairs to seal it off properly and would also recommend an insulation upgrade for the attic.
How did that vent look?

Is that a sprinkler pipe or gas pipe I see.?


Looks like a flue vent to me.

Add lack of insulation.

Ya know it kinda makes me giggle when some one post a pic and asks just one specific question and gets the complete pic analyized this happens on almost every pic posted. Yes Marcel I know you are just being Fatherly with your vast amount of knowledge,:smiley: cheers your friend charley

Thanks for the input. And to answer your questions the black line is a gas line, the flue pipe had no baffle to eliminate contact with combustibles, and the insulation was good just needed to be rearranged. This may have been above the garage also. I don’t recall without looking at the report.

Just trying to help when I can Charley.:slight_smile: