Pole barn

200 amps coming into the home feeding the pole barn which has this.
I’m asking service to the barn be vacated.

On what basis?

This is question of the week? :lol:

Looks like they used a 3 pole disconnecting means for the barn, you need to post a photo of the disconnect without the cover on.

What do you mean “I’m asking service to the barn be vacated”

Did you remove the cover?

Panel and breakers are rusted, 200 amp sub panel is rusted. Exposed wiring.

I am asking for it to be vacated because the buyer won’t have the money to do mandatory repairs.
I only removed the cover in the home, both covers, the house and the feeder to the barn.

Barn can be switched on/ off from the home.

Thank you for the additional information.

You want it removed because the buyer won’t have the money. I would just report the defects and leave that part out of the report.

If the electrical is removed then if they get the funds in 6 months it would cost more to install again.

They could just shut the power off at the home and leave the rest in the barn.

None of those “defects” show in that picture except for rust on the tie bar.

Is this a standard inspection or a 203k inspection?

203K with a standard.

I will deliver a minimum property standards report for the site and a standard inspection for the home and then a cost to cure or specifications of repairs.

I am required to make judgement calls and vacating the barn/ shop makes sense. No juice to the barn, no hazards to worry about.

I have more pictures which will not go into the home inspection, they will go to the buyer and they can choose to share them or not.
By vacate I mean remove the option to power the barn. I did not mean remove all the wiring. I’m guessing the previous owner did MIG welding among other things. And there are 30, 40 and 50 amp outlets in the barn. If it may be hazardous its better to discount that building and let the owner deal with it later. If mandated for repairs many buyers could not afford the properties.

Heater will need to be completely removed and the other thing which I don’t know? will simply be ignored.