Pool and Ac Compressor

Does anyone know if there is a problem with have an AC compressor at the exterior of the home approximately 10 feet away from an inground pool. What would be the issues with this?

Serious question, why do you think it might not be good?

I think its because of the electricity involved and could make contact with the water in the pool with the splashing and puddling of water. Water and electricity don’t mix.

You should be OK @ 10 ft.
I think it’s 5 ft from the water’s edge.

So you’re up there in Latham @ the “4 corners”. I think…

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No, pool equipment and pool heaters are often placed near pools.
Proper bonding is required for all pool equipment.


I am not finding any specific information. Sorry. But you can make recommendations such as; ensuring the unit is elevated, service wires are in conduit etc.

Thanks Marc. I’m closer to Shaker School

Compressor sits out in the rain all year

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I left Albany in 1969 & NEVER looked back/returned.

I couldn’t find anything either and I said its in the bad weather also. But I am thinking its because of the electricity. It is all in flex conduit.

Don’t blame you Marc

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IMO, I think it is all ok. Wires in conduit, safety disconnect within 6 feet, pad elevated then good to go.

this is an ahj thing right or wrong contact them
there was 1 around here that required all metallic components beyond the nec measurement/rules including condensing units, window frames, door frames, ornamental fencing, downspouts, tool shed, ad nauseam to be 8 awg bonded
if there was a pool & any metal in the yard he’d red tag it to be wired & connected to the pool ebs