Pool Bonding

Not sure but is this appropriate. I don’t get the chance to see this very often, usually encased… .

Appropriate and required if the frame is within 5 feet of the pools edge.

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As Jeff stated it’s required if within 5’. Here’s the NEC wording:

I never knew that !

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Why just within 5 feet of the pool? Does stray electrical current in the metal at the pool deck stop at 5 feet from the pool? I was under impression that all metal doors and windows, etc. that open to the pool deck should be bonded to the pool equipment so that all metal is at the same electrical potential. Just looking for further clarification.

Bonding not required beyond 5’ probably because the concern is only metal that can be contacted while in the water.

Well said Mr. Meier,
As always you have hit the nail on the head, when the exception was being debated it was determined that it would be physically improbable to be able touch water in a pool and a metal surface 5 feet away under normal conditions. With that said many stake holders were trying to increase the clear space to 10 feet.

Ohh thanks mine is safe because I was thinking that my contractor also go this mistake. thanks for sharing this helpful information. but what to do if someone have less distance then what is mentioned here?

Not sure i like HOW they made this connection but alas I’m impressed they knew it was required( if within 5’ of pool). You would be surprised (or maybe not) at the number of pool bonding issues and questions I am asked when on the road doing the NEMA thing.

Not sure why their is so much confusion in regards to pool bonding but there is.