Pool Inspections

I have encountered a new construction residential pool that has leaching grout between the under water tiles.

This leaching requires a good scrubbing with a brush to remove and I don’t know what might cause this.

Any ideas?


The water chemistry is off. Calcium level may be low.


is the pool, a new install?
particualr attention needs to be made to calcium
when the pool is new
along with regular / routine brushing.

Use of a pumice stone may also be required to remove the scale buildup.

Contrary to what the Saleman may have told the Client…
Plaster pools are not Maintenance FREE…


There may be a bigger problem than chemistry. The "leaching you describe may also be caused a void behind the tile.

Pool tile are supposed to be fully embedded in the thin set or mastic. Many “tile men” use just a pat of mortar instead of a full set. This leaves voids that water can get into. When the water gets trapped like this the chemistry in the void causes the calcium build up you see no matter what the chemistry in the pool is. If the problem is bad enough it can actually pop the tile off. The only permanent fix is to remove the tile and do the job right.

The same thing can happen with the pool plaster. Have you ever see those calcium “icicles” form. It’s caused by exactly the same thing, voids under the plaster coat. In the case of the plaster doing this its usually only a problem if its wide spread or very heavy in a particular area. Other wise you can just knock them off each time they grow back.

Actually the calcium would need to be to high for build up to occur

Good posts, Lawrence. Where are you located?

Good posts, Lawrence!

Use a high quality peeble stone tiles!

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