Pool inspections?

Do you offer pool inspections as an ancillary service? How deep do you probe into the equipment? Do you note gate, fence, and door issues?
Check out my pool safety video Drain cover safety

Yes I have my template online you could see the questions and things I fill out there

I included in my base square footage price

Disclaim any kind of leak testing

Thanks Scot

So, same price with or without a pool?

I have found people hate addons I only charge square footage price if it has a pool crawlspace age all the same. There are times it’s not about the money it’s about the return on the inspection. If I plan to do this for only 5 years I’ll be charging the moon but I want people to come back. I’m looking for long term relationships.

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Thanks Marc.

Great question Frank. I am out in Palm Desert, and most homes have a pool. I was/am unsure if I will charge extra or include the inspection of the pool/spa. I guess it depends how much time it adds and how deep I am supposed to go?

Only depends on you.

When I did my 30 parallels in Phoenix last month, they charged extra for Pool Inspections. They were getting $125 all day long for pool & spa inspections. I plan on charging extra for it. It takes more time. My time’s not free. I believe most people understand that.

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Hey Randy look what I found. :mrgreen:

Do what is right for you


Please be sure you are properly versed to prevent a horrible tragedy.

The home inspection company and the electrician listed in the case did not respond.

I do charge extra for a swimming pool. Not so much because it’s a ton of extra work (although it can be at times), but there was a bump in my insurance cost for being a pool inspector.

I just bought Kenton’s narratives because I do want to get deeper into pools (pardon the pun). I also have an under water video camera if I feel the pool needs a closer look.

I treat the pool heater like I would a furnace, I take the cover off and see whats going on inside. You want to make sure it’s not rusted out or full of leaves before firing it up.

I wish there was a way to look up pump serial numbers to tell their age like you can with HVAC equipment, but I often find the serial number doesn’t tell you much. And sometimes the motor in the pump isn’t original to the pump itself.

It’s amazing how many sellers hire a pool guy to make their pool look amazing, but then behind the screen the pump is old, the heater is falling apart, the electrical box is rusted out with exposed wiring, and the GFCI won’t trip.

I also wrote a new article on swimming pools and utility costs: http://imhomeinspections.com/blog/?p=110

Above water.

Tragic story indeed. To be fair, pool maintenance companies shouldn’t bear the burden of ill maintained equipment. If they report the condition to their client and their client is to cheap or doesn’t think it’s important enough, then the maintenance company has their hands tied. How could this have been prevented, and is there someone to “blame?”

Not required by SOP but…

This may help with some pump motors
Method used to find this out could be used for other pumps too.:cool: