Pool Inspections and Contractor Issues....

Just a quick survey of who is doing Pool Inspections, are you charging extra for that inspection, and are you having problems like me… Pool Service contractors charging for an inspection, and giving a bid to repair items at the same time???

I do pool inspections as part of the home inspection. I don’t offer them as a stand-alone inspection, and there is an additional charge. However, I charge the additional fee whether the client “requests” the pool inspection or not, so I’m really not concerned with the contractor who tries to do repairs after their own inspection.

Pool properties carry greater liability for the inspector, for which, I charge accordingly. The way I see it, it’s no different than charging “extra” for a raised foundation or a hillside residence.

Here in KC, there is such a liability in inspecting pools that most all pool companies here no longer provide the service. They refer to independents, who do only pool inspections. I like to check the electrical/motor connections, but that is about as far as I will go. Too many underground lines that are not accessible, filters that have valves that will not turn, etc. Pool liners are also hard to check when there is 8 feet of water in the pool. I had one the other day where I pointed out to the buyer that the liner was pulling away at the top, which is an indication of iminant liner replacement, but did not note it in the report, since he was having the pool inspected seperately the next day. At the very least, print off the pool NACHI inspection articles and give them to your client, as I do.

C’mon, Gary. Get in the water and get ON the roof!

Thanks for the Replies so far!! I charge $85.00 for my pool inspections in addition to the home inspection fees. I have a large disclaimer on anything I cannot see/touch/test above ground and do no structural components of a pool. After working on pools and helping local contractors fix major problems with the structure of pools for over 30 years ( I replaced my first pump and sand filter in 1980 - helped rework fiberglass on caving sidewalls first time in 1982 - and still do side work opening, closing and troubleshooting pools, (but not for my inspection clients)) I know many things are “unseen” in and around pools. But many people just want to know it is operating properly, and how to maximize the operation.

We have contractors around here that will do Inspections for $140.00, and give a bid to fix the problem at the same time in addition to the inspection fee (totally against our standards as home inspectors).

Thanks for all the input!!!

I charge separate $75 with inspection $100 with out. I get agents that call me since their guy doesn’t do pools. I tell them well your new guy “me” does. I also use a separate contract and report template.

Just this year, I have had 28 home buyers get new roofs because of my reports, and second and third roof opinions that I suggest. It is amazing how pool, and other inspectors and contractors, turn a blind-eye to defects, just to appease the agents, so they get referred again.

By the way, that home buyer called me, and the pool inspector did not point out the torn pool liner. That transaction has turned into a challenge for the buyer and both listing and sales agents. Now, I am the bad guy.

Go figure.

Round here most inspectors do it one of three ways, not at all, do it them selves, or hire a pool guy to do it for them. The going rate to hire a pool guy in my area is $100 but the inspectors that do it themselves some how don’t charge that much, go figure.
Personally, I own a pool construction and service company (been in pools since '78) so I do my own. Having the experience I do I charge accordingly and no I don’t work on a pool I’ve inspected. There’s plenty out there I don’t inspect to keep my pool company happy. I’m in a “small town” area and most , though not all, of the pool guys that hire out to home inspectors know better than to try and quote the repairs too.

Pool Inspections (in season) run $150 for equipment check and reporting with regard to functionality.
A pressure test of sub grade piping (recommended) is an additional $175 (Important due to winterization needs due to potential freeze conditions).

Do you include the rest of the pool ie barriers, decking, interior finishes ect. or just the equipment?

Plaster, Coping, Tile, Expansion Joints, Barriers, Fencing, etc…

I have a pool…
I know the concerns…
I grew up with a pool and maintained when I was 10 years old…

I have taken all of the PA CPO Licensing Classes just because I had the time…

I do a Full Inspection of the Pool, Equipment (Age and Life Expectancy)
along with providing maintanence / repair costs…
A pool season is limited in this geographic market…
Pools are generally regarded as high maintenance and a luxury…

Just wondering becuase of the way you worded that post. I’m impressed we’ve got service people here that haven’t take the CPO course.

People who HAVE
or Have not?

I do not repair or work on pools
I know the costs involved in construction, repair and maintenance of pools…
I advise accordingly…

I was giving you kudos for edjucating yourself in this area especialy when we have so many in the pool buisiness that don’t bother to.

I only trust that pool inspection company which provide services according to rules and regulations of Government.Sometimes they also offer me discount on fence repair services.Their contractors are really helpful and always ready to give pool safety advice.