Pool Inspector in Palos Hts, IL

Rec’d a request for referral or to do a 40’ x 25’ concrete pool inspection in Palos Hts, IL. While I’ve done some research and owned my own pools, this is an area we disclaim as part of our standard agreement. I haven’t attended any classes for this at this point in my career. The buyer was having great difficulty in getting any of the local pool centers out on an inspection or service call as well. I believe the pool is empty currently and the buyer needs to verify its integrity, safety, operational readiness, or whether to have it backfilled as part of the closing agreement.

I’d appreciate any guideance and input…especially if someone knows of a good reference or contact of reputation.

Anyone out there…fellow brothers in Inspection? I realize I’m not a member, but am part of the brotherhood…your advisory and counsel is sought and appreciated.

If I did not have any training I wouldn’t be caught dead doing a pool inspection particularly to the level they are asking. No matter what they were willing to pay me. From your description the pool sounds like it has been unusable for some time and may have multiple “expensive” issues, many of which you will not be able to determine w/o proper training.

Which Pool Company abandoned the installation?

Why was the pool not completed?

It is easy to see why another company is not willing to inspect to “to verify its integrity, safety, operational readiness

Too much potential for Liability. I would pass also.

Not a lot of call for in-ground pools in Chicago.

That’s why most of us disclaim them. Hard to rationalize paying for training on something you would VERY rarely see.

Recommend they hire a local pool contractor to evaluate the pool.

If you want to get an in depth pool inspection and can’t locate one contractor hire independant contractors familiar with pools plumber, electrician, and structural engineer.

Here are some of the links I use for inspector and client information:


Texas has some of the most perscriptive standards available.




Get out the water hose and see if it holds water!?

If the pools is empty, it needs to be filled. If they are not going to do that, you need to decline.

If they fill it, recommend all rings and gaskets be replaced (needed or not) or you will be back there on the complaint. Chemicals and lack of use are hard on these parts. I would take the five-way valve apart. That one gives the most grief.

Pools are “major mechanical” and will go down for hundreds of reasons. I think I would pass on this one. They can’t be paying that much for the liability involved. If they are considering dozing it in, there must be some doubts “floating around”! :slight_smile:

WOW! Big thanks guys! I knew the brotherhood would come through in flying colors. As a clarification, no one abondoned the installation…from what the buyers can tell it was emptied some time ago due to the amount of maintenance and age of current owners interests. You all provided great insight and advice…kudos to you all and NACHI.