Pool Inspections - How simple?

Looking for y’all’s opinion here - I just had a request to do a pool inspection with a home inspection I have scheduled for next Friday. Is that enough time to go through the course and become competent enough to let them know I can do that?

I don’t want to turn down the money but at the same time I want to make sure I am providing a good service. I know this is a pretty trivial question but just wanted a quick answer from those who have experience with pool inspections before I agree to take it on.

Take the course today then make your decision for yourself. Knowing your limitations, and the limitations of ANY area of inspection, can only make you better. I rarely see pools (we love our lakes in Minnesota) so I’m not gonna waste a lot of time on training. I will do a basic conditional inspection WITHOUT testing of pumps/filters/etc. and refer those to a Pool Expert.
I’m sure between the course and any tips from knowledgeable inspectors here, you will be competent enough to provide the service.
Note: be sure to get the inspection limitations into your Agreement so you are covered ‘legally’!!


To those naysayers about deferring the entire inspection to an “Expert”…

Salt water pool two years ago. They called an ‘Expert’ so I didn’t have to even look at it. As a Professional Inspector, I did what I do anyway. My client and the agent called me after reading my report to ask me about a couple of ‘issues’ I mentioned in my report that the ‘Expert’ did not and had no clue when queried!!

Always provide your best, whether you need to or not. You never know who the guy behind you will be!!


Love it! Thanks Jeffrey, exactly what I was looking for. I don’t imagine I will get too many of them but nice to have an add-on to offer since radon testing is pretty much non-existent in my area.

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Please be sure to check the electrical well.
Motor/pump bonded? Equipt & light breakers on GFCI circuit?
Light (if any) on a high voltage transformer?
How about drainage away from the pool structure.


Thanks for the advice, I’ll make sure that none of those things are being overlooked!

Good information and worth watching. https://youtu.be/S_XH7Ovbp50


I do a lot of pool inspections.

Are they simple? No.

But the Nachi video pool course does a decent job of explaining it.

Also read the article on Mike Holtz website about pool bonding.

7 days is plenty of time to learn it if you apply yourself.

I also have a few things oh my websitr you might find helpful



I have been doing swimming pool inspections for 12 years and have been cleaning and maintaining pools for more than 30 years. While most things on a pool is straight forward, there is a lot of liability to consider when inspecting a pool. I just finished a home inspection of 11,000 sq ft home and the pool was still more of a challenge than the home.
A lot of the swimming pool technology is specialized and requires some experience just to operate. Salt water pools and chlorine generators are something that is not covered in detail in most pool inspection courses.
The thing you should pay close attention to is the liner. Whether plaster, vinyl or exposed aggregate, the liner has the most liability. Pay close attention to crack, stains, chips, and calcium etching. Note everything you see.


Just pay attention.
Here’s a DEAD little boy 'cause the electrician & home inspector allegedly screwed up.
The inspector is out of business.


All good stuff to know here, I appreciate everything that’s been shared. Definitely will make sure I feel comfortable and confident before showing up on site!

That’s tragic. Did they ever find out what exactly went wrong?

I think the inspector called the motor not grounded/bonded.
The electrician fixed it (NOT)
The reinspection said it was OK.
Also the pool light did not have a high voltage transformer, no one called it.


This is some good advice, any chance you mind sharing what this would look like on paper?
I am new and just trying to learn.

Thanks for any help

@imayer do you ever do plaster inspections and let customers know about cracks, etching, calcium buildups, loose tiles in pool ect?

I feel like an inspection like that could could be an extra service for extra money but it may also not be worth “digging into that bag of worms.”

What are your thoughts on that?
is it something you offer, something thats already included or something you kinda stay away from?

@fcarr1 do you turn everything on and make sure everything works when doing the inspections or do you try not to touch too much?

has anything ever broke on you while performing an inspection or have you ever been accused of something breaking while you were there?

Also, I read that some pool inspectors offer in water inspections at a higher cost for some of those things you mentioned. is that really a thing to offer different levels of inspections for a pool?

Beware of old valves. I never turn a valve. Valves break, and that is a fact. Turn them at your own risk; I do not. After an inspection the seller blamed me for a pool pump motor that did not work. The seller said, it was working the day before. I had a picture of the electric motor with a large rust hole in the side. They still wanted me to replace it. I did not and sent the seller the pictures of the motor and the data tag for the pump motor with the date code.
I never get in the pool. I may sample the water, but that is as wet as it gets, hopefully. I am aware of the enormous liability associated with inspecting swimming pool and am always over cautious and include photos of all defects.


Of course. Any cracks that are visible are noted. Etching and build-up just tend to get lumped under stains.

We check for loose tiles. I can’t say we check every last tile, but enough to get a general vibe.

I find most of the problems are on the electrical side. Missing GFCIs, lack of proper bonding, open wiring, etc, etc.

Most swimming pools built in Southern California were built well before there were any pool-related electrical codes. And even the ones that were built after are almost always missing something.

We check over 20 categories of items on pools:


Good insight. thanks for your feedback!