Porter Valley Software gives InspectVue 4.0 to first 50 members who call. $995 value.


Do any of you use PVS?

Not any more. :smiley: :smiley:


Brian’s a HIPPIE now :mrgreen:


Have it but don’t use it.

I continue to use PVS and am quite happy with the product.

The Company that owns PVS is still using the CMI designation

We mean it. Stop!

RE: Cease and Desist
The Master Inspector Certification Board, Inc., (MICB), a Colorado non-profit corporation owns trademarks on “Certified Master Inspector” and “CMI.” The USPTO registration number is 2892104 and the Canadian registration number is TMA712,979. This is a certification mark used by inspectors who qualify for the designation. Those who have earned the designation often use the abbreviations CMI and C.M.I., and MICB also claims common law trademark rights on CMI and C.M.I. in the inspection industry.
It has come to our attention that you are using CMI and/or C.M.I. as an abbreviation for “Certified Mold Inspector” or “Certified Microbial Inspector” in marketing yourself or your company. Because inspectors frequently offer mold inspection services, your use of CMI and/or C.M.I. is a direct infringement on MICB’s marks, is causing confusion in the industry, and is diluting MICB’s marks.
MICB demands that you immediately cease and desist from all use of CMI or C.M.I. Please remove those abbreviations from your website and any written materials. If you comply with this demand within ten days, MICB will take no further action.


Actually it wasn’t funny from a business perspective. I’m ashamed that I took so long to swap over to HIP. After all the threads and messages about the great quality of HIP, I should have done it aloooong time ago.

I won’t go into details about PVS(overpriced), but my problem was the lack of professionalism(sucked) when I had some technical issues with the software. For $1k(:shock:) you’d think they would actually care about the satisfaction of their customer, guess not.

So I finally bought into HIP! Yes I am now a HIPpie!

Bottom line, buy Keith Swifts narratives as an add-on when you purchase Home Inspector Pro, those 2 items together make an optimal software package for any inspector.

I don’t know why or when PVS went downhill, but in my opinion it did.

In todays market and economy $$ is the key deciding factor in any business. With what you get from Dominic and Home Inspector Pro, I feel like my ROI was almost immediate.

This message was approved by a very satisfied HIP customer. :smiley:

I went HIP too! I was PVS from day one.

absoutley right, IMO service was bad,Lorne left me hanging really ticked me off, HIP is the way to go easy to learn, faster reportiing time, no annual fee,the service is outstanding, Dom goes way above what is required, HIP is the way to go,

(good grief does that make me a hippie!!!)


Proud to wear this badge! :stuck_out_tongue:




I am learning Home Gauge now but still using PV. Not too sure how I like Home Gauge yet it seems cumbersome and slower to enter data than PV to me. Time will tell.

And yes Lorne is not good at customer service at all.

LOL. I think we’ll have to use that in some of our advertising :slight_smile:

I have asked Keith if he’ll sell his narratives to HIP users but I guess he can’t right now, maybe later.

Us Hippies are taking over.
Just ask Ken.

I called and this offer cost $250.00 - No software unless you join online for $250.00 PV is trying to lock us in no HG deal here:cool:.

Not worth $250 to learn a new program that you may not like…even if you d/l demo this offer will be gone by then…a gamble.

But hey Thanks for all the other deals Nick!!!

I will give my pv away for free. Oh wait, you can’t switch licenses. Forgot about that. They’re charging for this too? Thought its advertised as free? I guess it’s free, for 250 bucks.

Inspectvue PV:

The Inspectvue program would be a wonderful tool if Lorne wasn’t such a big one. Ive had numerous issues with my PV purchase ranging from errors 62 to 72. The program with shut it self off at random times, it asks me to input my company information every time I start the program. For a month the program randomly stopped printing the kitchen portion of the report (talk about liability). All of these things I could have understood and worked through, if it wasn’t for the attitude and personality disorder of Lord Lorne. Ive never felt so dumb, granted I’m not a computer genius like Dominic Maricic from http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/](http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/) but to have to pay a customer support fee to be talked down too is ridiculous. Its like paying my ex-wife alimony and having to talk to her after. Lorne actually called me one time too tell me it was too early for customer support and that he would call me in a few hours. Well seven hours passed and I had to call him. Then he got mad because I was calling him on his cell. I cant believe that a company needing to improve its business plan would put him at the helm of customer support. I don’t have only complaints about PV The program I believe has a professional format, helpful comments and I’m proud to put my name on the finish product. Granted it’s longer than most sitcom scripts but I feel a lot of the information contained inside is helpful to most first time buyers.

Then I was blessed by attending a Commercial Inspection Seminar hosted by the great and very helpful Kieth Swift. Its here where I had the luxury of meeting Dominic from HIP. I couldn’t believe and still cant believe the amount of time and information hes willing to share. Ive learned more from him about WSO and developing my site www.riversidehomeinspection.biz](http://www.riversidehomeinspection.biz) than I could put a price tag on. Also he introduced me to **HIP which delivered a well formatted report with a greater flexibility and SUPERV CUSTOMER SERVICE and no additional charge and it took half the time!!! ** I thank Kieth Swift everyday for putting me in the same room as this man, by doing so it has help me, my business, my bottom line and most of all my customer.

Jeremy Johnson
CRI Inspection Services, LLC
Murrieta CA 92562