CMI Infringment

I want to start marketing the CMI designation HARD. JB out of Tampa want to start some serious marketing and I want to be involved in it. But FIRST we have to get rid of other “CMI”'s. Such as


This is only a SMALL portion ofthe infringement.

I mean if CMI can stand for 1000 differnet things it does us no good.

What do ya think Nick? Cohen Bros?

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“Certified Master Inspector” is trademarked, but it looks like anyone can be a CMI as long as your assigned meaning does not infringe on any of the many registered CMI trademarks for other businesses. Your own CMI designation could stand for “Confident Mellow Inspector” or “Certain Mean Inspector” or…

Wrong. You can’t use CMI in the inspection industry. You could use it in some other industry just like you can have an Apple Car Company, but not another Apple Computer Company. That would be confusing and deceptively similar.


Thank you for the clarification

“Certified Master Inspector” and “CMI” are separate things. “CMI” is not mentioned in the “Certified Master Inspector” registration and the separate “CMI” registration that used to exist has been abandoned and is dead. There are lots of active CMI trademarks out there, but none that I see related to Certified Master Inspector.

A Trademark protects itself and the space around it (which is why the MICB, the owner of the Certified Master Inspector Trademark doesn’t also need to trademark the initials), within its industry. A “CMI” in an industry outside of the inspection industry is not deceptively confusing and so is not an infringement and why there can be IBM Trademarks outside the computer industry.

CMI is only an infringement on our Certified Master Inspector Registered Trademark if it is being used in the inspection industry, because that would cause confusion in that market.

BTW: we also have the Registered Trademark in Canada and several other countries:

So what happens now?

I suggest a new designation the MFDLKLR. I don’t own it but I been called it.

Looks like this has been explained