Possible Mold On New Roof Trusses

This week I came across 2 newly constructed homes with what appeared to be possible mold growth on the attic roof trusses. I did not see any signs of roof leaks and my moisture meter indicated that the roof trusses were dry. Is this possible mold caused from the roof trusses being stored on-site in wet conditions prior to installation? Are many of you guys coming across this situation with newer homes? How do you write it up in the report?

My comment in the report stated:

“Observed what appeared to be fungus along the attic roof trusses. Moisture meter did not indicate moisture at this location during the inspection process. Area should be evaluated and properly cleaned by a qualified mold remediation contractor. Mold testing was not performed to identify the mold type. Problem noted inside attic above pull-down stairs.”

Thanks for any feedback!

-Kip McCullough

If there is no mold on the sheathing then you a most likely correct with you hypnosis. Sheathing will grow mold before the trusses will. I am guessing because the sheathing has air gaps between the layers of wood. Usually mold in an attic tests to be friendly. But since this mold did not get its start in the attic, I would not be surprised it is considered toxic.
The last instance of construction mold, I ran a cross, came back from the lab as Stachybotrys but it was on the ceiling joists also.
Stachy got into the ductwork in the attic and spread through out the home. The furnace filter turned black. The house was only a few months old. The neighbor told me that the house sat there for about six months after it got framed, without a roof. The mold was so heavy in the air, to get a readable sample for the lab, I had to cut my air pump volume by 2/3. I have never seen anything like this, nor do I ever want to again.

also keep in mind your climate down yonder plays a big role in and should be factored in, IMHO I would take out the properly cleaned and leave the remediation to the re mediators

Thanks Dennis & James for the great feedback. I appreciate it.