Poured concrete porch

During my inspection today, I noticed that the metal corrugated panels that were used for the bottom of a porch form are bowing in the center. This porch was poured in the past 2 weeks. The panels span approximately 7’. Should I have the homeowner contact a structural engineer for this?

Any pictures Alan? It sure helps for opinions.

Thomas Glaze tglaze InterNACHI®️ CPI
May 19

Any pictures Alan? It sure helps for opinions.

These are the best I have. The board is not level with the one next to it. And looking towards the end wall, I could see a deflection. When I zoomed in, I could follow the curve downward versus the horizontal line on the wall

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Probably due to the weight of the concrete during the pour. As long as the top surface is flat and without cracks, its okay.


From here in Jawja, it looks like the pour was heavier than what the forms were rated for. If rebar support was installed, it may not be a problem, however, as Stephen said, check and monitor any cracks on the surface above.

Thanks Stephen

Overspanned form decking for the gauge of metal. As long as the top is level and has the appropriate reinforcement, it should be fine.
What bothers me is the amount of fasteners holding up those angles that in turn carry all the weight of the concrete.
I would recommend further evaluation by a General Contractor and/or engineer to follow up and make sure that the support of that slab is not a safety hazard.
Who ever installed that tells me they where not well versed in using material of sufficient capacities to do the job as construction practices would require.


Should the bolts that are securing the metal supports go completely through the wall?

I’ve only seen a pour like this once or twice, and over a crawl space. But they only have a tar paper underneath.

Are these usually post-tensioned? Or just standard rebar?

Most all I’ve seen pre-pour are rebar reinforced and the underlayment varies.

Not necessarily. Depends on the wall construction, but in this case looks like everything would be in shear and no pull out factor. Don’t know if that is solid brick or hollow brick either though.

Looks like stamped concrete. But I agree, not very many bolts along that ledger. I guess there is no way to tell if that ledger is carrying the concrete load or just the metal panels or both.

Also, no lintel here, is that odd?


Poured concrete wall

Yeah, looked at that blow up and sure was concrete with a cut out opening.