Power Goes Away?

I have a 20 amp circuit in my garage that no longer functions. It has 3 two lamp florescent lamps, and 110v outlets. The only full time load is a refrigerator and an upright freezer.

When any load is applied the power goes away and it tests as hot/ground reverse. If the power comes back it tests as o.k.

I have replaced the breaker, disconnected the lights and plugged the appliances to another outlet but power is sporadic and temporary at best.

Any ideas?

Sounds like you have a loose connection .it overheats and loses contact cools down and makes contact

Am I lucky enough that it could be that simple?

Roy is most likely correct.
But , if this was my home I’d call a GOOD electrician.
Why Not?
Just the insulation on the wiring burning …will kill you. Yep!

These can at times be hard to find where especially if you are not an electrician .

There are only three four plex outlets. If I have disconnected power to the lights would that eliminate those as a culprit?

No idea as Roy Lewis said get an electrician ,You could be avoiding a fire you might save some ones life .

You are seeing signs of a loose neutral.

Can you be sure I can not be sure many things it can be . Not listing them as do not want to see some one hurt them selves

Listen to your main panel or where ever the breaker for this circuit is located. Do you hear any buzzing or humming? Could indicate loose wires in the panel board. Almost acts like your browning out when this is the case. Be careful.

There are all kinds of things “you could do”, how about doing the right thing and call someone who knows and has the equipment…

Inspectors write up “recommend further evaluation…” all too often, but can’t seem to practice what they preach when it’s them involved.

Well said.

This is in my house.

I have opened everything up. Lighting and power are on separate circuits. Everything is tight and the only anomaly was a slightly scorched ground terminal on the upstream outlet. I’m getting 120v but nothing will function. I’m going to replace the two outlets where the scorching is and if that doesn’t do it then I’ll call in a pro.

Be careful. Christmas Eave has always been a bad time to be in the hospital for me… :wink:

The circuit breakers are off and I’m not touching it until Friday. Maybe.:smiley: