Pre and Post Testing

On a mold remediation job an inspector is called in to do clearance testing after the job is done, but the inspector does not want to do the post testing without doing pre sampling for a comparison. Is this right, or can they proceed with cleanup and have clearance testing done with outdoor samples compared to indoor?

Is the pre testing really needed for comparison or is the inspector just looking for more $$?

In severe cases such as what Linas has posted recently in another thread, pretesting may not be necessary. Pretesting has very little to do with post testing.
Pretesting is for determining the level of toxicity of the environment, how much of an area needs to be cleaned and how thorough of cleaning needs to be performed.
I would not perform any post testing until I have read the mold remediation protocol, unless I was on that job from the beginning. If you cannot get a remediation protocol or talk to the person who originally assessed the mold, then I would be cautious because most of the remediators are just trying to pass the liability onto an inspector, when the inspector has no ideal what is going on.

What James said Times 2