Pre Sale / Listing Inspection

If performing a typical solid inspection for a Seller, where/who does our most potential liability come from ? I know who I am working for…

same liability, if we miss it, it could come back to bite us in the butt.

I got the missing part. I’m talking has anyone ever heard of a Buyer having a successful claim originating from the Sellers Inspection. I know they are not the Client but with Attorneys puffing to their Clients, it’s possible. Is there a reason to use a different Agreement ?

Your inspection agreement should have something in it stating the agreement can not be used by anyone but your client unless you give written permission. The object of the agreement and inspection is to remove all liability from yourself and put it ALL on the client.

The buyer is never precluded from getting their own inspection. The seller has performed the inspection in an effort to prevent any major issues from becoming a surprise and potentially killing the deal. They also have an opportunity to address any issues in advance.