Preplexed by Tripping AFCI

It’s because the AFCI device is not monitoring the conductors that are upstream which are feeding it. It’s monitoring the conductors that are connected to the load side of the AFCI device.

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Ah ha!! Makes sense now. Thanks!!

Except… the panel mounted AFCI is monitoring only the downstream hot. The neutral is pigtailed directly to the subpanel (or main panel) neutral, so the AFCI device can’t separately monitor the neutral.

(For a device AFCI/GFCI combo, of course it can monitor both the downstream hot & neutral).

Can you show an example of an AFCI circuit breaker that does not have a connection for both the hot and the neutral on the circuit breaker?

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I wonder how reliable those devices are at finding electrical cables? There’s a big disclaimer at the end of the video saying that you should not rely solely on this device to find hidden objects.

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