pressure regulator?

Any idea what the device below the main shut off valve is? If you look closely to the right (on the close-up) there is what looks like a valve adjustment that has been partially grouted over. This is a friends house and she has extremely high water pressure (130psi). I was wondering if it was some kind of old regulator. I don’t want to have her spend money getting a regulator installed if this device can be adjusted to lower pressure.
By the way notice that nice piping job by the plumber off the valve (reduced down to 1/2")

Kumata 027 (Small).jpg

Kumata 026 (Small).jpg


Hmmm…I would venture to say that if the pressure is 130 PSI…if it was a regulator it is shot now…because it is not regulating anything…

Also considering the looks of it if it WAS a regulator…I would simply venture into putting a new one on and leaving that alone…messing with it could just create MORE problems than it is worth for your friend.

good points. It started with basic curiousity of what this item was…Hmmm. chip out the grout and turn that valve and see what happens… I guess I still haven’t grown out of that wanting to take stuff apart phase that got me in so much trouble as a kid!

Master Plumber that was!
Should pass on that one. You may be chasing a water leak further than you wanted to! :frowning: