What do you think of this one? Your eyes are not fooling you. WP almost 130psi. :shock: Funny thing is, you’d never know it from the way the water worked in the home. Everything inside seemed perfectly normal.

maybe they should shower outside…

If you read the name on the Gage, it says Watts. I think that is an electric meter, and 130 watts would be excessive for a faucet, don’t you think?

The street pressure at my house is 140 psi. Regulators in my neighborhood typically last for about 2 years. Everything appears normal until something bursts or fails in some other fashion.

No regulator or pressure reduction valves anywhere to be seen.

Well, there’s your recommendation. . .

no doubt! :slight_smile: I was just surprised that I didn’t actually see any problems in the home in regards to this. I think the fact that the pressure broke my gage stressed to them the importance of having it looked at. (When I turned the water off, and started to remove it from the hose bib, I heard a pop and the inside of the gage filled with water. Cost of doing business I guess.)

That’s interesting - I saw 140+ on a home that I inspected about a week ago. Couldn’t believe it - waited about 15 minutes and still got about 80 psig. I can only surmize that the portion of the municipal supply serving that area is pumped with equipment that is out of adjustment. Our land around here is pretty flat, so most comes from elevated tanks. I’m planning to call the city water co. to ask about it.

Did ou check the pressure inside? i have seen regulators buried here

Because of relatively flat country around here no pressure regulators are in use. However, I just talked with the utilities manager and he told me that the highest pressure they could generate at the source with everything running is about 90 psig at the source. After some discussion we think maybe this unoccupied home had the water heater left on and elevated the pressure that could not be relieved because there are backpressure preventers at many of the meters in town. Once we opened the bib and relieved the pressure I never saw one that high again. Just a theory.

Please tell me this was a joke.

Nope, not with the meter…(broke). I just did the fall back of running the water and flushing the toilets. There was plenty of pressure, but it didn’t seem noticeably higher just by looking at it and feeling it coming out of the faucets. There could have been a regulator somewhere, but not at the water shutoff where you usually find them. If it was there somewhere, I didn’t notice/see it.

BTW, I exchanged the meter at Home Depot today. No problem. :mrgreen:

Purchase a better quality gauge (just a suggestion) from Professional Equipment. They should handle 160 psi repeatedly with no issues.

I agree that it shouldn’t have broke, and is low run. However, these run anywhere from $20.00 to $50.00 at PE. Mine was a Christmas gift that I was able to exchange at HD today for nothing. They are only about 11.50 at HD. If this one breaks, I’ll exchange it too.

Here’s one from my neighborhood today. . .


I changed my mind. I’m getting one of those you recommended. The new one I got didn’t last either. This time it broke first, then shot up to a huge psi. Inside the home…no problem. This one is going in the trash.

Good idea. . . :wink:

Yes, I think he is joking…lol…we all know Watts industries makes regulators and gauges as well as other products for the plumbing industry…lol…