Pretty Panel

Every once in a while you see one that is just so pretty. Enjoy!

Yup…New Construction, I bet.

I would have to report “No room for expansion” 42 slots - all filled up.


Plenty of room for expansion. Add a sub panel.

That’s the rest of my report on this panel!! You been reading my reports?


That is a clean job and remarking the white wires at the double pole breakers is recommended.:wink:

Saw one just this very day!! It didn’t have as many breakers though.

But it is a pleasure to open the panel and see that…

Are the AFCI breakers supposed to be seperated? I thought they build up heat from their mini computers and should not be stacked together.

Saw these yesterday. Also new construction. 2 - 200 amp panels and 2 100 amp subs.



Nope…the ARC FAULTS are fine stacked together.

kill joy:D :cool: :wink:

If I am seeing this picture correctly, then:
I hate to be a killjoy here, but there are some violations, and as an electrical inspector, I would have this panel rewired.

312.5© exception
conductors enter the panel through a raceway so,

  1. the panel is required to be surface installed.
  2. pipe fill
  3. ampacity adjustment
  4. the raceway is not permitted to penetrate a finished ceiling.
  5. the end of the raceway is required to be sealed or plugged.
  6. the cables are all required to be fastened within 12 inches of exiting the raceway.

It is not possible to tell from the picture, but if the raceways are terminated into boxes (they would have to be large enough for conductor fill), then this installation is a good one.

Isn’t mounting on plywood a no-no? Thought it had to be a ‘non-combustible’ surface.

Or is that just us yokels in Chicago? :mrgreen:

Mounting on plywood is a norm in my area.

Same here.

Ya mean like my house Will…:D:D:D


Basically we install panels on plywood all the time… BUT it happens to be treated plywood since it is mounted in many cases in the manner you are asking to CMU or Poured Concrete Walls…

Maintaining the 1/4" air space is usually built into the panels because of the screw holder holes....some panels are designed to be surface mounted and some are not.....

But in regards to being in contact with wood...all panels are that are enclosed in a wall as well...between different....but the panel MUST be FLUSH with the finished wall or it can actually extend out past the wall...just cant be recessed in this allows for surface mount to be fine.

FYI…many electricians mount them on Uni-Strut runners as well…then the panel never comes in contact with anything but the straps…