Need a little extra room?

Air conditioning circuit breaker protection scheme. Max fuse specified by Lennox @ 40 amps. No room left in older panel, so HVAC man (or gal) tapped a pair of 40amp cartridges directly off the 100 amp main hot taps. Anyone else have a problem with this? :cool:

AC protection.jpg

AC protection tap.jpg

I’ll give it a shot
1 Double tap where the lug is not designed for double connections.
2 Mixed copper and aluminium under the same lug.
3 No antioxident paste.

That’s about all I can see, but, it should be about enough!


Indeed. Thanks for the commentary…since the panel is full, I suggested they’d need an electrician to install a larger panel to properly accomodate the quantity of protective breakers necessary.

Agree with the above post.

Why are there more than one raceway leaving the AC disco?

Looking at the size of the feeder I am betting the EMT is the condenser and the larger Greenfield is going to the air handler with heat strips in it.
At least that is what I would expect here.

I had that exact situation about a month ago. One of those DIY homeowner specials (you don’t have to get permits for this stuff in the jurisdiction concerned). He also double tapped one leg of a 50 amp DP breaker to feed his air handler and placed his neutral and ground under the same lug. He didn’t appreciate my report, told the buyer it was “ok”, and had always worked just fine! :mrgreen: