Pricing for third parties

Wondered if any Texan (preferably from Houston) inspector out there would share their third parties and pricing with me. I’m trying to develop a list of termite inspectors, pool and spa inspectors, well and pump/septic system inspectors, and mold inspectors to perform accessory services. So far I’ve found termite inspectors charging around $100-$110, pool and spa inspectors between $125-$175, well and pump between $150-$200, septic system between $125-$150, and both well and septic together around $250-$325. Any Houston inspector have comparable or better pricing than this? If you have a solid third party for any of these services I would appreciate you sharing this. I could use a deeper list. Right now I have solid third parties in Northwoods Pool Supply, Accucheck Pest Control, Steve Christianson (for well and septic), Almeda Water Well Service, and Service Master Restoration and Cleaning (for mold inspection and remediation).

Price is not one of the top criteria that I use for vetting third party inspection service providers that I refer to my clients.

Ditto what Chuck noted. $$ is not everything. Quality and honesty are prime.

I used to live/inspect the Houston market, but have been in North Dallas for the past 11 years.

I thought this was supposed to be forum where we shared information with one another. I’m surprised at these limited responses. Does anyone want to share their third party lists for termite, mold, pool and spa, well and septic, or any other ancillary service. That’s what I need here. The third parties I listed in my previous post are quality companies. I need a deeper list though.

Use B&P Termite Inspections 832-656-4208 if you have jobs in the Katy, Cypress, Sugarland areas. Dependable, Thorough, Price Varies, just like us, on the size and age of home. Typically between $115-$130.

Swimco Pools for pools. He goes to a lot of areas but is based in Sealy. 281-558-5583. Mike has a lot of experience and communicates well. $125-$150.

Used both of these companies for the past 13 years. Very professional.

For mold inspections call
AQ Testing Services 281-391-9604. Linda Lauver is the owner. Always been pleased with them. Not cheap but don’t want cheap…$500 and up

Well Inspections call
Scott at Scott’s Well Service 281-893-1492. Typically about $300 but don’t quote me as i don’t appreciate when people dictate my prices either.