Fee's in Texas

Wow you guys must be slamming …

A friend just moved to Houston and bought a 21 year old house on a slab of 2,050sf. They were talking to me and said the HI was $699 and if they wanted termites it was an extra $135. WOW …

Inspector was from a group I think they said was “The Fox Group”.

AND the HI was basically it (no radon, mold, IR or ??? extra)

Is this the norm down there?

Damn, I need to raise my fees again, Dan, they got me by $4.00

I’ll jack them up to $729.00 Monday, can’t have this going on, dang low ballers.

We should all congratulate this inspection company for getting what the service is worth.

The Fox Group has been in business for a very long time in Texas and goes above and beyond the norm in Texas. You get what you pay for in Texas and the prices and services vary WIDELY. The mandated form has actually done the opposite of what the realtors think it does…it actually has made Texas inspectors more diverse in their prices and offerings because they need to differentiate themselves more from each other because they are all forced to use the same formatted report. :wink: Just my 2 cents.

My prices are creeping upwards but nowhere near that.

Jeff is correct (probably the first time I have said that). FIG also probably does 15 or more of those inspections daily. Of course you won’t hang a shingle today and capture that market tomorrow either…

Prices and service levels in the Houston market span a very broad spectrum and there are consumers for every level of service provider from lowballers to premium service firms. I always tell consumers to review actual reports from the inspectors they are considering to find the best match in terms service level / value.

Dig up some reports, you will be amazed at the variety you find between firms using the same state promulgated form.

BTW: Fox and some of his inspectors are or were NACHI members