Pricing Market Research and Model

I’m getting stuck on trying to create a pricing model. Is there anyone out there in a similar market to Denver that would let me pick their brain on the best way to figure all this out?

Yes, probably 100s of inspectors. Call, or have someone else call, around to your competition and set your pricing structure a little above middle to start.

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You need to first determine your true cost of doing business (including ALL expenses and wages) then adding in what you want for net profit.

I guarantee you that most inspectors do not calculate true costs and use that as their basis for charged fees.

Anyone that prices themselves by their competitors fees will likely find themselves struggling and/or out of business when their savings accounts run dry!!

Well, help him out JJ.

Thanks for the welcome and responses Larry and JJ. I think my biggest question is how much to add for the age and what the base or standard is. I know it varies for all areas, but hoping to tie down at least a few variables /yr or /sf.

You’re welcome, Jesse.

And you can get those more accurate numbers locally as I suggested in my other post. :smile:

Only he himself and a qualified accountant or experienced financials person can help him with that determination. AFTER he has those true numbers, THEN he can adjust what fee he charges for his service area market. You want to know why so many HI’s fail in less than three years? Zero business experience/acumen!!

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