What do you charge- 2500 sq. ft., 15 yrs old. Please complete this poll, we need info

We’re looking to set some price points for what may become a lot of work for inspectors in N. America. Getting as wide a response as possible here will help. Please take the time to participate in the poll.

What would you charge for the following home…

  • 2500 sq. ft.
  • 2-story
  • 3 BR, 2 BA
  • Laundry rm
  • 15 yrs old
  • average condition for your area
  • within 25 miles of home
  • 3’ headroom crawlspace
  • attic
  • Gas/oil-fired furnace
  • 2-car attached garage
  • comp shingle, 4/12

$390 (.12 psf *2500 + $90 crawlspace) + (plus $30 if lawn sprinkler system)

I add 1/2 area of crawl or unfinished basement to get total inspected area. Assuming 1200 sq. ft.footprint, I would add 600 sq. ft. for a total of 3100 sq.ft. Total fee is $ 565.00

House- same size (2500) and condition without crawl $ 505.

$525 -But we have no crawl spaces and no gas appliances to speak of except an occasional gas water heater/pool heater.

Kenton when you say you are looking to set price points, what are you talking about.
Price points for whom?

Are you trying to franchise nationwide and study competition?

I’d quote $399, and honor a $25 coupon, that hopefully they’re redeeming
for a final price of $375.

In a slow market :shock: I would probably quote $425 but the buyer will counter off with $199. That’s how things work in the windy city…

You can get that kind of price in Chicago??

Here in “in-expensives-ville” I quoted $349 the other day. The caller exclaimed loudly, “349!!! Man, that’s high!”

I asked calmly, “How much do you charge?”

He said, “$255.” (then a long pause) “How did you know I’m an inspector??”

I answered, “For the same reason I can get $349.”

Then we had a nice chat about the business, the Reds, Bengals, weather (including the hurricane and drought we’ve been having–yes, **hurricane–**happens here every 100 years or so.).

Inspectors have to ask the sale’s price, which is how real estate agents arrive at their fee. Would any sensible inspector charge the same fee for a 2,500 square foot house in the inner city and a 2,500 square foot house on the beach in Malibu? If they would, send them to me and I’ll start a multi-inspector firm. I’ve always maintained that inspectors should charge at least as much as the attorneys in their area, or a minimum of $250.00 an hour.

I’ve got an inspector in my area who will low-ball for $79.95.

$0.50 psf except we would not go into a crawlspace - they’re dirty.

I would accept $79.95…plus $150.00 per hour–portal to portal.

How can he pay the bills with that fee???

No, no, nothing like that. Too soon to really talk about it Robert, sorry. It may not happen, but if it does, it will mean work for inspectors across N. America.

Keith, if we could only act together on that, Amen Brother!

Please call for a competitive quote.

Uhhhh…seems like we’ve heard that once before…:roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Kent,
Hey Before I comment on the 2500 square foot house… GREAT JOB on the NACHI TV runs!! They have been packed with great info. and I hope that they can stay “FREE”…

I would like to charge $250.00 per hour, so that would be about $1,000 I would make for an average size house under 2000 sqaure feet with report time and all, not including some travel time. But most clients will not pay this for a home inspection in my area… Orange County, California, and if they do PAY THIS for a top quality inspection, than I am working for peanuts. Realtors are even worse price shoppers… When they tell me that my prices are high (which they are not!) I tell them, “your clients get what they pay for, and I ask them if they (realtor) is paying for the inspection?” - This throws them through a loop. And I tell them that they can also be sued for refering incompetent inspectors later down the line when serious defects are not included in inspection reports.

Keith, I admire and respect your professionalism, and I know you are worth every dollar… How do you collect these rates??? I have so many price shoppers daily, they even snicker at $375 for a house that is 2,500 square feet, and that’s what I charge if the home is not a long distance from my house under 10 miles. Even my wealthiest clients are often tightwads…

I had a price shopper… buying a 4,000 square foot home, he wanted my service to inspect his home. but not at my price of $550, he wanted to pay $275… and got it!!! What inspector in their right mind would inspect a house this size for nothing!!! Not me…

If I could collect $500 average for each home I inspected, I would be a very happy man… but I find that most people buying a home under 2,500 square feet will not pay this price.

How do you guys out there collect this???
Let me know.

Well…I suppose we could stop trying. Zat better? :twisted:

You can have ten great ideas and if only one of them succeeds, you’ve still had a great idea succeed. Sometimes one great idea can go a long way!
Gotta be persistant. Kind of like when you first enter the inspection business. Never say die, Mike! :wink:

I told myself when I started this business that I wouldn’t leave my driveway for less than $300. And that’s for a 1000sq/ft condo. There are 2 basic types of inspectors IMO…

  1. Those that perform minimal “fast food” inspections
  2. Those that actually find things, go beyond the fine print, and can explain their findings without frightening buyers or Realtors.

I won’t give up all of my secrets but I’m essentially a rookie with only 1.5 years in the business. I’v established myself as a premium service provider. I’m viewed as being worth the price of admission and people are willing to pay more. I lose a few price shoppers but I won’t attempt to real them in with a lower price. I’d rather let the other guys expose their business to liability for pennies.

I’d get more than $500 for that inspection and there are guys here that would do it for $275. The market will bear what you charge. It’s your job to convince your clients that you’re worth the extra price of admission.

Usually no crawl space in Arizona, my price would be $325.00.

Standard Inspection from 2001-3000 Square Feet = 479.00