Pricing Multi-family building

Greetings fellow Inspectors!

I have a few questions regarding Inspecting a Multi-family apartment building with over 10 units.

  1. Am I correct to say this is a “commercial” inspection?

  2. How would you price the inspections? I’m in Ohio. (I understand location matters; however, any info would be appreciated).

  3. How would I enter the info in my software? I use Homegauge Software.

Thanks in advance guys!!

Check with your insurance agent to see if you’re covered.

Many inspectors price by the building and add x amount for each unit. You realize it will be hard to get into each unit unless the owner has a master key?

I don’t use Home Gauge butt you can do a report for each unit or on complete report labeling like: faucet leaks in unit 10, water stains in unit # 6, etc. etc.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Yes.

  2. That depends on many factors. But in general, how long will it take you to the inspection and report, and how many houses could you do in that time frame? That’s a bare minimum.


If it were one big house, how much would you charge? Than add $50 to $100 per unit over one.

Now you have a range. The answer is likely somewhere in that range.

  1. No idea with HG.

Ok great! I didn’t think about unit accessibility!

Thanks for the info Larry!

Cool, good things to consider!

Thanks for the info Ian!

Home Guage has a template/options for multi-unit reports and it’s fairly straightforward.
I charge per unit. If this were in the rat and lead-based paint capital of Merica (a.k.a. Baltimore, MD), the tab would be around $2K for inspection less any additional tests. My only advice is to 1). bring an assistant, 2) pack a lunch because you don’t want to leave once you start, and 3) take a video walkthrough from front/back and top to bottom because you WILL forget what goes where when you start typing this stuff into the form. Good Luck!

You will need to build a template in Homegauge. Maybe someone will share one with you. Check with the Homegauge User group on Facebook.

Having done a few of these, whatever the price you finally come up with do another estimate of how much time it will require to make sure that you are satisfied with the estimated hourly rate. Based on other considerations and how many stories are involved I like to make sure that I’m getting about $100/Hr.

Great suggestions!

Thanks Joseph!

I will check out that user group out!!

Thanks Frank!!

Invaluable info! I will definitely apply the info & suggestions!!!

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