I am looking for advice regarding pricing exterior inspections of a 69 unit condo complex. I was asked to submit a proposal for exterior inspections of all units. The condo board is the client and they are mainly looking for a detailed spreadsheet containing any work that needs to be done on each unit. For example if there is a section of roofing that needs to be replaced on a unit they want the sq ft of roofing needed. They want to use this information to assist with budgeting and hiring contractors to perform the repairs as needed. There are 4 types of building with 2-3 attached units in each building. they are all 1 or 2 story units with wood siding and asphalt roofing. They do not need a full detailed inspection report just a spreadsheet. I figure each unit should take about an hour to inspect.
Any advice/input would be great!!


$150/hr inspection time
$75/hr spreadsheet time

I’d come in at:
$125/hr inspection time
$50/hr spreadsheet time

What exactly would that spreadsheet look like?

“Unit 7. North side of the roof. 4.7 sq ft of new shingles needed.” ???

Is that the idea?