9 Buildings

I have a housing authority that has contacted me on inspecting 9 separate buildings with a total of 68 units. They do not want the individual units inspected just the exterior of the buildings and the sites. There are also 2 basements involved that need to be inspected. Four of the buildings are 2 story buildings the individual size of each is included. 2 of the buildings are 6,090 sq. ft. 2 of the buildings are 11,340 sq. ft. 5 of the buildings are one story. One is 5,670, one is 3,780, one is 7,560, one is 6,300 and an office building being 1,140. This brings the total to 9 buildings. So no plumbing or electrical or HVAC systems. Anybody have any idea what I should charge for this? I am about to go look at the buildings but I have never had a request of this size or nature before. Any ideas would be great. Thanks!!!

First I don’t see anywhere on your site that you do commerical inspections. Have you had any training in this area? If not I wouldn’t do the job. Second the best person to contact would be Dale Duffy. He does commerical all the time. Third, update your qualifications on your site you have none listed. That’s a huge selling point. Fourth make sure you design up a contract that specifically states what they want you to inspect and what your going to inspect in accordance to their wishes.

Billy they are not commercial buildings they are housing units. You know like condos. Yes my site is a work in progress thank you. Thanks!!

this statement makes me laugh.

4 or more units constitutes a commercial inspection. Make sure your insurance covers you for them.

Why does it make you laugh???

Gerry Beaumont would be the guy to contact in Florida.
NACHI cell 484-429-5466

I am not inspecting the individual units HELLO!!!

You know thanks for nothing sometimes you guys get too wrapped up in your own importance. It is the outside of the buildings. No HVAC, No Eletrical, No Plumbing. Get it got it Thanks.

Hi Harry,

Ignore those who treated you poorly without cause. They should know better.

Estimate the time it will take you for the whole project and and use you average hourly rate. Pad it a bit for underestimate errors.

Be very clear in your proposal what you are inspecting so there are no questions later.

Think of it as a component inspection and issue a findings letter/report.


Also take into account the amount of time to write the report, which should be more descriptive than a typical residential report. Since this is rental property, you may want to pay special attention to safety issue’s such as trip and fall, shock etc…

Hi Harry

Kinda like a Condo inspection without the condos. lol

Most commercial inspectors figure about $100 -&125 per hour.

Bone up on structure ,exterior, electrical drop specs, safety issues,etc.

What about the roofs?

You say no electric? why not ?as they will have the mains in the common areas.

If rental ,they will maybe have common heat in the form of a boiler.

Michael, Michael, Linas and Robert thank you very much. I appreciate your suggestions. I have reviewed the property and I am putting together a quote now. It is nice to have people that you can count on for input when you need it. Thanks again!:smiley:

Make sure that if you are not up on ADA Accessibility issues that you deferr it in your contract.

Since it is exterior and site only why not charge between .05 and .08 per square foot. This would allow for report writing and any error time. I charge, depending on the type of inspection, square feet, how many components involved, etc. between .10 and .15 per square feet. I added the square foot, 41880, and at .05 the price would be $2094 at .08 price at $3534.

Make sure you have a program where you can write the report and add pics. This is more than a home inspection. A commercial software program might help in expediting the report and look professional with the info needed.

Sounds like a fun inspection. Good luck!


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