How would you price one floor of an office building? Do you do it by number of offices or sq ft.

[FONT=Arial]It has 8,000 sq.ft. with maybe 16 offices and the rest cubicles. They want a price quote each way. What do you guys charge per sq ft or by offices

Square Foot…

Ball park figure on what you would charge

What are you going to inspect for the client?

Crawl under each cubicle and test outlets?
Lift out ceiling tiles and look above ceiling?
How many ceiling tiles will you remove?

.16 - .26 per square foot.

Particular needs canvary the price Up or Down.

Yes to all.


The buyer justs wants the “Interior” inspected and “Nothing Else”.?

I would sell the idea of the roof needing an inspections also since the building probably has some sort of owner association.

And I would sell the idea the main electrical service needs to be inspected also since the building probably has some sort of owner association.

I have learned in the “Past”, many buyers or folks leasing don’t understand they might be “Billed” an exorbitant amount in repairs or renovations to systems of the building if some of the important costly items they might not think are “Their” responsibility as well.


If they signed an agreement to just inspect the “Interior”, I would charge $1,295.00…simple inspection, probably 4 hours worst case scenario.

Add the roof and main electrical system $2,295.00…another simple inspection, 6 hours worst case scenario.

But that’s just me.

I agre with Joe & Dale…$0.16 to $0.26 psf depending upon scope of work. In depth electrical or HVAC inspections using a 3rd party would be additional. I wouldn’t quote a per office price.

Thanks guys.

I like your price for s.f. better than what you can get around here (typically .12 to .15) again, I agree, some things can affect that price.

I have worked a pricing with another fire inspector and we based it on the sqf with a base fee, then a step price depending on sqf with the more sqf the lesser per foot of inspection. This thought is based upon the larger sqf, will typically mean warehouse - therefor less violations. For example $1000 up to 5000 sqf then $1000 + .29 cents for 5,001 - 9,999 sqf, .19 cents for 10,000 - 14,999, etc. This is just an example and not my acutally pricing or formula.