Help with price on inspection

Got a call to do a commercial inspection on a 3 story building. I believe it is store front on first floor with office space on the two other floors. total of 9000 sq. foot. what should I charge? This is the first building of this size that I will be doing so don’t want to short change myself. I was thinking $1000 to $1300.

That would go for about $650 here. Sounds pretty easy.

About $1800.00 here

Charles, find me a decent foreclosure, I’m moving to southern CA

I’ve been specing about 12 cents a sq. ft.
9000 x .12 = $1080,
so I think you’re in the ballpark.

David you should ask them what they want inspected and price it based on that. Often in commercial they don’t want the whole building gone over like with a home. Ask if the parking lot and exterior is to be inspected. If there is an elevator and fire suppression they need to do that with the people who service that equipment. You might have to sample certain parts like for a hotel you might inspect 10 rooms per floor or 20 it depends on the client. Check the Nachi commercial standards.

Age of building? As Robert mentioned, density and use go along way. Are there complicated systems, maybe a large electrical service, w/switch gear and onsite transformers with a fuel burning generator… <-- I doubt it… but who really knows. What I mean is that you should have an idea of what is there, what they want and what you can do to assist them.

Some commercial buildings are just larger houses… some have very little in common except for the names of components…

At the *very *least…

There are plenty to choose from, what area :slight_smile:

You said commercial inspection, right? Then you say, “I believe it is store front”. You bid jobs like this without even google earthing them? I guess when I do commericial inspections, I actually go and bid the job and inform them on stuff they may need.

I go through the building rather quickly, just as an overview and see the general condition. I then look for AC problems, mold, signs of water intrusion. I then look for pest problems and get a general feel. If you perform inspections properly the “inspection fee” can be the lowest fee.

I just did a home inspection. Inspection fee was $1800 and the Termite, Mold and Radon was another $2200.

I have been burned blind bidding and refuse to do it on larger jobs…

Can you inspect during the day? Are the offices occupied? Do they want a inspection of the grounds and the handicapped accessibility?

Its all in the details…

I don’t know how to shade others posts. $4,000.00 home inspection! Absolutely, freaking amazing. Russell, you are the MAN. I have to inspect 20 trailers for that dough. I throw in mold, pest, aging in place, and background check for free:

Evidence of fungi: Yes
Evidence of pests: Yes
Open warrants for arrest: Probably
Mobility restrictions: Alcohol related

I really wonder what life is like on “the other side”. Must be stressful, counting all that money.

Here is a pic of the building. thank you all for the help.

good luck, David. older bldg generally means issues.

better up your fee

Exactly William so blind bidding is not a good idea. Don’t be impressed with my numbers. The inspection took 32 man hours and 8 air quality samples two radon machines.

This is the way I work mine.
5000 sq ft 500.00 just inspection
For every sg ft .10 cents
If it is over 50 years old I add $100.00
If it is over 100 years I add $200.00
So my price would be close to what Streven said.
$1000.00 low end and no more than $1200.00

Is there easy access to the roof? Are you familiar with flat roof issues?

Why are your prices so cheap? Are you residential prices at .10 a sq foot also? If not then why do you lower them for commercial?

CMI prices. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: