Problem or not

Do we have a problem here yes or no please 15 amp single pole breaker marked bedroom outlets obviously missed marked house was vacant (Empty) amp draw was 13.5 continiously and the body of the breaker was reading 99 degrees and the wire at the terminal was 85 degrees

If there is nothing on the circuit i hazard a guess yes lol

Beside being missed marked, it should only draw 12 amps.

Why only 12 amps??? expand on that please

Breakers should draw 80 % of capacity at continuous load.

What was drawing the power ?

Thank you for the newbies:D

Don’t know did not start flipping breakers gona let the sparkys do that do you see a problem with the temps or not is the question at this point don’t care where the amps came from

I see no issue.
Did you follow the conductor to the source?
Did you energize the home.

Is that conductor 14 Gauge.
If the branch leads to a motor that uses 20 gauge I would write it up.

NOTE: the busbar is not light up nor is behind the breaker. All breakers emit energy signature when current is flowing through them.
I would have concerned what the conductor is attached to. A furnace motor and blower motor more than 15 guage? Then I would be concerned.

If I am correct a 30% above the reading is acceptable when the all the branches are energized. If not a 25% of the highest reading.
A threshold temperature for 14 gauge would be 125 to 130 F. John uses 125 as a stopping point for safety.

Please do not take my word on this Mr Bottger.
I just started my IR training. 2 hours at the max and my electronic end was was about 10 minutes long. This is from memory.
All the best.

I may be off base Charley.
“Don’t know did not start flipping breakers gona let the sparkys do that do you see a problem with the temps or not is the question at this point don’t care where the amps came from”.
I use a SPERRY breaker finder. I have not traced any breakers as of yet. Dam agents are up my but as it is and clients do not want me to spend the time so far. All of 50 dollars and I have tested then in the home. Works great.
Home depot and other electronic stores.
All the best buddy. once you do one you will be faster at it.
I look at the wire color. Is it the same age in appearance. If not and looks newer I sniff round for an upgrade. Heat pump, air conditioning/exchanger.
if not maybe a reciprocal has something running on it.
Ether or I suspect nothing a miss.

How do we know it is continuous.
Not going through a cycle Macel.

The breaker load is acceptable at 15 amp rating before it breaks.
The 14 gauge conductor is well below 125-130F.
The ceiling limit on a conductor is 30% above the highest reading.
The 14 gauge wire is acceptable at 15 amps.
If not everything moves up. Break and conductor.

Again I am just learning everyone.

I did not give the surrounding ambient at the panel location and I should have it was 62 degrees F

[quote=“ryoung7, post:11, topic:73055”]

How do we know it is continuous.

I stated it was;-)

I would have guess about 60 based on your color strip.

im discouraged for reading this. now I just feel all confused… :frowning:

I don’t have a problem with the wire looks normal to me nice 85 degrees F

I like it when you are confused perhaps you will ask more question to become less confused:p

Thats what I am doing here.
Thanks Charley. As admitted just learning.

99 to me seems high but I did a course where it states otherwise.
130 is stretching a normal reading. John M. uses 125.
You need several makers to use for a hypotheses.

John M is not qualified to teach electrical IR he has taken one building science course and that is all.

Two problems on that image first amps exceeds allowable for a 15 amp breaker load. Second I did not like the 99 degrees on the body of the breaker where it connects to the buss bar I recommened that it be check based on the incoming temp of the wire normal 85 degrees F and 99 degrees F is over 30 degrees above ambient of 62 degrees F. IMHO The breaker has the starting point of a problem I intend to head it off before it burns the breaker. That is the point of IR find a electrical problem before it esclates.

BTW the load source will have to be determined by the electrican not me

I know Charley.
He does use ICS information if I am not mistaken.
I signed up for the course, I could not complete it. I had to work, thank God. Lost 10 HI’s last month.

Snell uses the 130 marker. I do have the link but be damned f I can find it.