Professional says to ignore water infiltration?

So on my report I noted the following.

There are signs of water infiltration in the corner under the oil tank. I would recommend a qualified professional evaluate and perform any recommended repairs. Left as is deterioration in that section will continue and the issue may grow, the oil tank legs may also start to corrode. This can also create a environment for possible mold.

She said a professional came and said don’t worry about it not a issue? I did not ask who was the professional however I am thinking I should remind her to have more than one opinion. Are there situations where this is ok?

*for questions - No perimeter drain in the basement & no sump. No signs of water intrusion anywhere else. Block foundation. The tank was immaculate and no signs of it coming from the tank.


No further action is necessary on your part. You identified a potential issue and defined potential consequences. The “professional” said it was not a problem. He owns it now.

Make sure to tell them to keep the professional’s letter for future reference

This rusted oil tank is ripe for a rusted bottom. Any water in the tank settles to the bottom and can rust from the inside out. I hope you checked that and commented regarding same. :slight_smile:

The tank really didn’t seem bad and didn’t have like a sign of a leak anywhere it really was clean & dry. In that pic I think the tank bottom looks worse than it was. However I never really knew what you stated above. I am going back to reinspect work that was done. I will look over the tank again. I will also do some research on your education provided above. I appreciate it!