Propane tank Connections

I see this a lot in SC. Bare copper line going from the propane tank under ground from the tank, emerging up to the regulator and then via manifold to interior gas cooktop and fireplace. Also, to exterior cabinet with water heater. The water heater line has a yellow coating on it. All other propane supply lines are bare copper from the exterior manifold. I don’t like it at all. I would appreciate your comments on this installation. It is commonplace. Home was built in 2000.

Why? Did you look it up?

Why would you ask me that?

To know why you think it should be otherwise.

I know the responses are sorta cryptic. But not really. You described the gas line well, but left out your concerns. Is it the yellow coating? Is it the regulator to the manifold? Is it the bare copper? Is it the underground install?