Pressure regulator?


Is this a pressure regulator (for propane)?

Also, should the copper line feeding it be better protected (well, protected at all)? It runs underground from a propane tank and then pops up as seen in the photo. It’s a small line, must be about 3/8th" or so, into the “regulator” and then out as 3/4" or so into the house.

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I do not see anything unusual with your propane installation and yes that is a regulator.

really nice down spout termination though…

Nothing but the best for some folks…

I think it was moved out of the corner “temporarily” so they could put on the fresh coat of paint :shock:


That does appear to be a pressure regulator, attached to what appears to be a copper line (size unknown) on the inlet side, and a 3/4" or 1" black iron pipe on the outlet side, and into the home.
Hope it is installed properly, setup properly, and operating properly.
We would not/could not leave that much copper exposed to possible/probable damage, especially coiled the way it is above ground.
Looks like it has been awhile since that regulator has been checked/cleaned.
I have no idea about the downspout, and its installation. I’d ask the question WHY, or at least make sure/verify that the direction it is pointing won’t end up being a problem at the foundation.
Just speculating you understand. Nothing definitive.

Hi Paul-Marc,
the copper supply appears to run underground. Is there an outside tank?
the line should be plastic coated gas-tec line or sleeved from the tank to the regulator.

Greg, As the ground freezes and heaves in Ontario I suspect the loop is provided for just that purpose reason. The installation pictured would not be uncommon in my area.

Carla, I could show you thousands of homes installed in the same manner by the propane supplier.

I am sure we all could. That doesn’t make it safe.

Unsafe by what standard?


Thanks everyone for your comments. The downspout is indeed another issue, they were all like that…
It is copper coming from an outside propane tank, to the regulator. I didn’t suggest having the regulator checked/cleaned, but perhaps I should have? I will look into whether or not the copper line should be protected by some means such as a sleeve or other. I imagine the loop serves a purpose, I need to find out about that as well. When I find the answers (specific to this area) I will post for your interest.

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Hi Carla, the soft copper is fine around here from tank to home/regulator.


I would be concerned with a lot of different aspects of a house in your area, if the freezing/heaving/settling was enough to need that amount of coiled copper to offset that kind of movement…though I do see your point.

How does the temperature affect the flow of LP or NG or Oil through exposed copper/iron piping in your area of the country. Pressure droping, piping splitting, etc.?

We sometimes have to make ajustments to NG with LP additive during coldest (record type) periods of say a week or more with Hi"s & Lo’s of below freezing. Not often, but it does occur.

I myself would recommend protection of the copper “Lariat” piping. :smiley:

I usually don’t see the loop in my area I was making a conjecture. (WAG if you prefer)

I see very few Propane tanks that use anything but 3/8 copper from the tank to the house.

Outside oil tanks use #1 fuel oil around here to prevent gelling.

I’m not aware of changes in the gas makeup of NG except that there is an adjustment for heat content sometimes in the winter bills.