Proportianate Cost

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Good point Nathan… I like it.

Thanks Nate, good points to consider

Good points Nathan except in today’s world the methods of advertising & offering bells & whistles will help persuade only a few to choose a particular company or service provider, and that would be the few that don’t yet check reviews on companies or their products.

I would say over 90% of the people that find me on the internet tell me they hired me not only because of my positive reviews, but also because of negative reviews of other companies.

And even though the other company offered all the bells & whistles & were $80.00 cheaper than me, they chose me to do the inspection.

As far as your pricing methods & pricing info is concerned, I agree with you 100%. That being said, I must admit that I’m a huge fan of Outback.

One of the smartest guys in business to cross paths with me gave me a tip back when a different path held my interest and have noticed it holds 100% true.
*Never market to the low end but always the high end.
He went on to explain that there is nothing wrong with marketing to the low end if you are high volume like McDonalds as selling at 50 cent profit is swell if you do so a million times a day,however a small business owner must make more profit adjusted to amount of volume.

Inspectors are not selling high volume so the former advice is dead on.
That being said I also find that the longer in business the more percentage come from referral of past clients and Agents.
The latter can not be bought but must be earned.

Eventually referral sources hit a peak as past clients only have just so many friends ,relatives and coworkers while Agents have an attrition rate based on them eventually thinking you are the cause of a lost commision at some point.(not all but a percentage).

Advertising is at this point always going to be primarily web based.
What Nathan is getting at is “Can you be unique”…“Can you give the perception of being unique”?

Ah ha.

Which is more important to get the phone ringing for newbies ?

Something is missing with the above however.
Can you give the image of being unique while also giving the image of being a solid professional.

Read that last paragraph over again.
People are not stupid and have a tendency to see through PT Barnum and Baily tactics so balance it out.

Yes they sometimes say to not just sell the “Steak” but to sell the “sizzle”.
Bear in mind if the Steak tastes like (cr-p) no amount of selling will help.:slight_smile:

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