Proposed Class Action Settlement "Sears" Anti-tip Device

Just received this in the mail. A claim form to fill in for re-inbursments to have installed or paid to install an anti-tip device on a new range delivered and installed by Sears.

A Settlement has been proposed in a class action lawsuit for people that purchased a freestanding or slide-in range from Sears between July 2, 2000, and September 18, 20007. The range must have been delivered and installed by Sears, and the range must be for home use only. The Proposed Settlement also includes people who, after the range was delivered by Sears, arranged to have an anti-tip bracket installed (and paid for that installation), all of which must have occurred during the period between July 2, 2000, and September 18, 2007.

Benifets of the Claim form;

A. I wish to receive free installation of a Range Stability Device.

B. I decline free installation of a Range Stability Device, and request a non-transferable, $50 gift card that can be used toward the purchase and delivery of a new regular price range at any Sears retail or online establishment.

C. I wish to receive reimbursement of the amount I paid (up to $100) to have the Range Stability Device installed.

Nice :smiley:

That is where mine is also Brian, still in the bag where they left it. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Call me cynical but knowing the greed in America I’ll say most would opt for the $50.00 and never install the anti-tip bracket or buy the new range, just pocket the money.

I see this all the time with insurance roof claims. Insured collects on a claim and either half-azz repairs themselves or hires the low baller that does inferior work.