Providing false information

When providing the date of MFG for an outside A/C condensing unit to your clients do you also provide any information as to the unit having had its compressor changed out which can change the longevity of the unit, and if so how do you know when the compressor has been updated if the seller has provided no info???

I just report the data provided , just adding a compressor would increase the life but the coils cabinet,wiring components and piping are still old . If i am provided the compressor information i will add it . Yes if you want you look at the serial number of the compressor you can get that info . Personally it is a bandage and if it is that old wouldn’t make sense to just replace the compressor . But that is my opinion only . BTW
for those that want info for compressors
It may come in handy when the data plate information is gone

I always look for a compressor change-out before reporting the build date. First indication is usually an exterior dryer/filter.

If I can’t determine the age of the compressor, that’s what I report…

Hey Jeff - Why do you say that the first indicator of a replaced compressor is the dryer filter, they are installed on all systems in my neck of the woods (NY)?

Are you saying all A/C units in your area have suction line dryers installed from the git go. Most likely not!!! Liquid line dryers probably.

In my pic the suction line dryer is the large one with hose ports on both sides for checking pressure drop across the filter

Sorry, I forgot about this thread. My buddy Charley covered it though…

A new compressor doesn’t change the unit’s overall age, or affect the age of the other important components within the condensing unit.

Not that it matters much around here, about the only time a compressor is changed here is within the manufacturer’s warranty anyway. Otherwise they just sell a new system…


Dam, that reminds me of Charley’s Red Hat. I am sure he has bought a new one since I seen him last, but everything beneath the hat keeps getting older.

There are no other important components, a fan motor a capacitor and a contactor all are chump change compared to a compressor. But you are mostly correct the new generation contractors just sell replacement condensing units they don’t even know how to properly change out a compressor and at $135.00 for one LB of Refrigerant its not really cost effective. Obummer and his EPA has screwed the general public again

Age and wisdom are synonymous don’t you agree Marcel;-)

In most cases I am not provided the Seller’s Disclosure.
The age of the equipment is determined by Manufacturer Model / Serial Number.
Recommendations are based upon the information given and/or withheld.

I can most usually tell if a compressor has been changed out by the solder joints at the compressor there is a large difference between a factory solder joint and one performed in the field by a contractor

LOl It was in affect to eliminate 22 way before Obama ,But the the refrigeration guys can blame themselves for the careless use and just pumping it in with out fixing leaks ot just letting it go during a compressor change , I remember it was used to just blow out coils if water wasn’t handy .

Well it was not suppose to have been eliminated until 2030 when they first announced it but instead your Obummer/EPA stepped up the process and the price of refrigerant sky rocketed. Perhaps you used refrigerant to blow out coils but not me, I carried a air tank for that;-)

Charlie blowing out coils in the rural areas was quite common by many contractors back in the 70,s and 80s. The company I work for did not condone using refrigerant and we warned many contractors not to do it, however I caught several doing it . we were strictly monitored for refrigeration use after the Montreal act when I moved down here contractors were still discharging units to the atmosphere and not repairing leaks, and charging units. I am glad you’re not one of those contractors and didn’t expect you were. :wink: it was only moved up 10 years not a big deal in the long run . The manufacturers are the ones that they decided to make it harder to acquire .

I’m old school … I look at the data tag and it says the unit was mfg in 1980, its a 36 year old unit. The seller provides proof the compressor was changed out 2 yrs ago … Its still a 36 year old unit OR as they say in the medical field …

Grandpa’s 97 years old but got a heart bypass AND pacemaker last year.

Guess What … Grandpa is still 97 years old.

Dan I don’t operate in that school:D:D

Mine too.

In fact my house is 4 years old and has one.

Has one what !!!does it have a name;-)

Charley …

My hvac unit has one of them thing-a-ma-bobs too.