Typical A/C unit NOT

Owner was present during the inspection yesterday and I generally probe for what info I can squeeze out of them. His statement was the A/C unit had a compressor changed out last July during our record setting heat when all A/C contractors were running about two weeks behind so he had this contractor change out the compressor that has a less than desirable reputation as far as I am concerned.

Pic shows his handy work can you see it and would you put it in your report;-) Friday night GAME ON

What, you don’t like the paint job?

I usually enjoy the guessing games but I have no idea what I am supposed to see

Charley, they don’t use equipment pads down there and insulation on the lines?
Nice rain gutter diverter. ;):slight_smile:

Liquid line

there should be a dryer installed

Should look like this, right?


The labels are missing. :mrgreen:

Bingo give the man from Fl a cigar but what I am more interested in given the info you know compressor changed out with no dryers what do you tell your client if any thing. Yes I know it is outside the SOP but you have gained some knowledge about the history of the unit do you pass it on or hide behind the SOP and just say the unit was operating as intended at the time of inspection.

Just Saying:D

At the risk of sounding unqualified what is dryer, what does it have to do with a compressor change and how can you tell from that photo that is not there

Ah AC 101

A iquid line dryer is installed in the small copper line and should be between the unit and the exterior wall some MFG are now installing them within the cabinet and are not visible unless you look into the unit past the fan blades. They are usually field installed at the time of installation and are used to entrap any solids and any moisture in the system and should be on evey unit even new installs.

The suction line dryer is installed on the bigger copper line and is the tell tale if a compressor has been changed out the one in the pic did not have one . The suction dryer is about the size of two fist together, a liquid line dryer is about the size of one fist.
The suction dryers main function is to remove any acid created by the burn out of the old compressor. If the acid is not removed the new compressor will last just a very short period of time.

Gotcha. I know exactly what you are talking about. Thanks for the explanation.

I’ll stick to wood burning apparatus Charley. :mrgreen::wink:

I am kinda partial to them my self

And I was going to call out the wood being used as a diverter.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
Didn’t see the lack of a dryer but we don’t see them very often here.

Heck, I have two of those inside my unit cabinet, a large one and a smaller one…