Provincial Licensing For Home & Property Inspectors - BC

**March 2006

CAHPI and ACBOA will lead this national certification program, which
represents significant national progress on a key consumer protection issue.** CAHPI’s 1300** members across Canada are proud to be part of an organization that is taking on this national certification responsibility.

Also gratifying is the action by the other smaller house inspection organization in BC, the BC Institute of Property Inspectors and its 50 certified inspectors, and its certifying body of the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of
British Columbia in following our lead in calling for BC government action to set standards for the BC house and property inspection industry.

While this is certainly no indication that the government is going to act on the request of municipalities, chambers, consumers, and the media anytime soon, CAHPI (BC) is preparing for the time when the government of BC finally sees what BC’s municipalities and consumers see — that action is required to protect people from phoney and unqualified house inspectors.

Now, CAHPI (BC) is going further. We’re developing the necessary
governance and management framework to be ready for legislation for a selfregulated licensing system for home and property inspectors in British Columbia. Indeed, if the BC government acts to protect BC consumers in the manner suggested, CAHPI (BC) would have in place a new governance structure, including a provincial licensing body, so that mandatory licensing couldoccur as early as January 2007.

The competence requirements for provincial licensing would be identical to the requirements of the National Certification Program that CAHPI is
overseeing. Provincial licensing for home and property inspectors in BC will be open to all qualified practitioners.

And it the only cost to join CAHPI,BC is $721:00 to write their exams.
and then if they give you a pass they might let you move up after having
your reports reviewed ( And excepted ) to the next level.

I see the S.O.P states at the bottom that it is copyright 2000 by ASHI.
It also says they are a self regulated body.
Well if it any thing like the great association we have in Ontario,
CAHPI/ONTARIO ( OAHI ) we have a problem.
Sounds again like the closed door policy we have here.
Roy Cooke sr