Canadian Licensing ????

I wonder could this be the start of Canadian Licensing of Home Inspectors.

**Protecting the Public
August 4, 2006

In April 2006 the Minister Responsible for Housing, the Honourable Rich Coleman, announced that house inspectors will be licensed in BC. The BC Government has determined that the interests of the public will served by licensing inspectors and improving consumer awareness. The Minister advised that the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA) will have a role in the licensing scheme. Since the announcement in April, the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General has engaged in a dialogue with various stakeholders to come to better understand the market conditions, consumer interests and needs, and professional certification schemes in place today. The Ministry expressed an interest in meeting with ASTTBC and in learning more about the certification program provided by ASTTBC under the ASTT Act and Regulations. ASTTBC met with Ministry staff as well as the CEO of the BCPCA to review ASTTBC’s professional certification program and the association’s role under the ASTT Act and Regulations.

The BC Institute of Property Inspectors (BCIPI) Executive also met with Ministry staff to review BCIPI’s interests, needs and services for the public as well as in ensuring members continued access to professional development, market intelligence and services. Members of BCIPI are registered with ASTTBC as either Certified House Inspector or Certified Property Inspector.

This fall the Ministry is expected to formulate a direction for a licensing and consumer awareness program.

John E Leech AScT CAE
Executive Director & Registrar

ASTTBC has guidelines for the submission of a complaint against a registered member or technical specialist, including house and property inspectors who have been certified by ASTTBC.Complaint submissions must be in writing and addressed to…[size=]
ASTTBC Registrar
10767 - 148th Street
Surrey, BC V3R 0S4The Registrar acts as Secretary to the Practice Review Board (PRB), who under the ASTT Act, has the responsibility for the review of registrants’ conduct. Staff cannot accept verbal complaints. Complainants should be aware that a false or malicious complaint may result in legal action by other parties.For more information, click here]( **BCIPI + ASTTBC…**working together to advance professional house and property inspection in BC

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You will notice there is no mention of CAHPI in there.

or NACHI Canada. Any plans on educating the BC officials.

Not without some teeth I don’t. Still waiting.

Boy Larry, you sure fooled me. I thought those were your real teeth!:shock:

They are my real teeth, just not sharp enough yet. It’s coming, real soon, it’s coming.

Thanks Raymond this is information that many have not seen .
If as BC looks like it is doing with bringing in Provincial Licensing could be a good thing as it will be for all Home Inspectors not just CAHPI like the National Certification would do.
I feel it could be the best thing for home inspectors and all would be on a level playing field.
No self appointed directors who hear only what they wish to hear.

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